The Grammys: A SnoozeFest: The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.


The 2015 Grammys was everything I hadn’t hoped for. It was 3 and a half long hours of me trying to keep my eyes open just in case something exciting actually happened. Overall, I was pretty unimpressed with the show. I was hoping to get life from Kanye and Pharrell’s performances, but Kanye’s set was underwhelming and if I hear “Happy” one more time, BABY I’m going berserk! But towards the end, things got good. And there were even some fun moments on the red carpet. Check out my favorite moments at the Grammys. The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.

Let’s start with the E News Red Carpet:

I want to start out by asking…

1. Ryan Seacrest have you lost your damn mind? How dare you barely say ANYTHING to Nas on the red carpet? I get it. Madonna was standing there…but she was standing there WITH NAS. In case you didn’t know, Nas is a legend in these streets. You don’t NOT talk to Nas. He is Hip Hop royalty. I don’t even have the time to school you further.


2. Nicki Minaj SHADES Ryan Seacrest:

After chasing Nicki Minaj for an interview, and interrupting her photoshoot with Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, who was CLEARLY ignoring Ryan, walked reluctantly to the red carpet to be interviewed. Minaj gave Ryan the side eye several times, standing at least six inches away from him. When asked about what it’s like to be a female rapper, Nicki’s response was this: “I’m also, like, number four of all women.” ZING! I’m wondering if there are still some bad feelings from Minaj’s stint as a guest judge on “American Idol?”



If you’ve seen Kanye in ANY pic recently, you know he doesn’t smile, ever. He smiled on E’s Red Carpet, and then proceeded to say: “Not smiling makes me smile.”


4. Rihanna’s Dress

What in the southern bell Hell is this? So…I have questions. You goin to a Quinceanera Rih? You standing atop a birthday cake later? Are you dressed as Princess Tiana? I just don’t understand why she would do this to us? I love Rihanna like a play cousin, and she disappointed me last night. I was actually hurt when I saw this. Bad decisions all around.


On to the show….

As I said before, I slept halfway through the show. Lots and lots of performances I could’ve lived without. But here are some things that I absolutely LOVED!

1. Stevie & Jamie Foxx

There was a tribute to the legendary Stevie Wonder and when the time came for Stevie and Jamie to present an award, Jamie put on his glasses and slipped back into his role as Ray Charles. Finally, something funny!


2. Kanye Strikes Again

Ever since Kanye bumrushed the stage back in 2009 in the middle of Taylor Swift’s Grammy acceptance speech, we’ve all been on edge any time they positioned Kanye anywhere near the stage. Luckily, this time, Kanye hadn’t been chugging Hennessy on the red carpet, and seemed to be a bit calmer. HOWEVER, when Beck beat Beyonce in the “Album of the Year” category, Kanye was on that stage in no time. Kanye thought better of it, and sat back in his seat, all of us breathing a sigh of relief. but later, we learned Kanye actually DID want to snatch the Grammy out of Beck’s hand. He told E News: “Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé.” HA! I don’t necessarily agree with the guy. I think he should probably chill…Entertaining, nonetheless! And in case you missed it, JayZ and Beyonce’s expressions when he got on that stage were PRICELESS!

kanyebeck beyandjay

3. Iggy Azalea Didn’t Win Best Rap Album

Listen. I am soooo sick of Iggy Azalea. She showed up to the Grammy’s expecting a win. I was hoping for a loss. Why? Because she is not the best rapper, nor does she deserve best rap album. Her sales are abysmal, she raps in a fake accent, and I simply am not a fan. Had she been awarded Best Rap Album, I may have written to the Grammy’s my damn self. T.I. predicted she’d take home the trophy…looks like he was wrong! Cute dress though!


4. Common & John Legend Perform Selma’s “Glory”

All I can say is “Yes!” Beautiful song, beautiful performance, and righteous message. I’m so glad this performance happened. The lyrics that touched me the most: “Justice is juxtapositionin’ us. Justice for all just ain’t specific enough.” WHOA!



EXCUSE ME??? HOW Y’ALL JUST GONNA BRING PRINCE OUT HERE WITHOUT WARNING US??? I just want to say; HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT. He came out looking like a funkadelic orange creamsicle and I loved it! Not only did Prince steal the show, but he dropped knowledge per usual. Quote of the Night: “Albums, like Books and Black Lives Still Matter.” HUNTY! All HAIL the Prince!!


What did you guys think of the Grammys? What were your favorite (and not so favorite) moments?

2 thoughts on “The Grammys: A SnoozeFest: The Good, The Bad, and Rihanna’s Dress.

  1. Great recap.. Another thing on the red carpet that really irritated me was the Ryan Seacrest – Ariana interview..Wow! This chick is a total dweeb. I didn’t like how she acted as if she was too good for a darn interview. Big Sean.. Why was he acting so protective of her, she resembled a puppy! Honestly I didn’t watch the whole show but I did finish it flipping back and forth between THOA show. Great review.

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