BET’s #BeingMaryJane Advanced Screening (Recap)


Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the advanced screening of BET’s hit TV series, “Being Mary Jane” starring Gabrielle Union. I must say, I was impressed! I’ve been a bit of a critic of the show in the past, but this first episode really put me back on the “Being Mary Jane” bus. I’m strapped in and ready to go!

The show opened with an intense scene that I feel was a bit symbolic. I can’t say much, but just know Mary Jane was turned all the way up, and I THINK we may be hit with a major surprise somewhere down the line.

Per usual, there was a bunch of drama going on with the family, and somebody from Mary Jane’s past is haunting her….CHILE!

What I really liked about this episode is how real it felt. In the past, I felt some of the shows were a bit over the top, but this time, they did a great job tying everything together. The conversations flowed, and it really was good TV.

The writers even added some conversations about social issues in the Black community that are super relevant. I loved it!

There was an awesome photobooth, great drinks (I had a few glasses on wine) and a nice crowd. The event was hosted by V103 and the fabulous Ms. Wanda Smith. This was the perfect girls’ night out.


I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but here’s what I CAN say: You guys are going to fall in love with Mary Jane all over again. Grab your glass of wine (she’s drinking a lot of it this season), and get ready for Season 2! Being Mary Jane airs Feb 3rd on BET.


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