SisterWives: Lou Williams & His Girlfriends-The Double Standard


As many of you have probably heard, Toronto Raptors star Lou Williams has two girlfriends…and they know about each other. The threesome was spotted in Atlanta a few days ago at Club Prive livin it up. They were drinking, dancing, and smoking hookah like it was 1999, Baby!

We first learned of the baller’s arrangement a few months ago via social media. The Sister Wives and their man have been seen all around town doing all kinds of ballerific things. Here’s what we know so far:

Ashley Henderson is the original wifey/baby mama. She is who Lou refers to as “Blonde.” She’s held him down through thick and then, and apparently, she’s one of those “ride or die” chics.

Then there’s Rece Mitchell, who Lou refers to as “Brown.” Guess he doesn’t want people to mix them up…

Word on the street is that Ashley isn’t ready to give up those red bottoms and bags and is willing to do what it takes to keep her man, even if that means having another woman attached to his penis. No one has really verified whether or not Ashley and Lou are “sharing” “Brown”, but something tells me the answer is YES.

Look, I’m not here to judge. I think people should do whatever it is that makes them happy. But in this case, I’m wondering, is Ashley truly happy about this arrangement, or is she simply putting up with it to stay in the loop? Is this the ULTIMATE gold digger, or is she just deeply in love?

Stories like this make me wonder…are people even MEANT to be in monogamous relationships? Are Lou & The Girls doing what comes natural, and does everybody else have the game f*cked up?

Here’s my 3 cents: I’m not wakin up to another woman every morning along with my man. I’m not doin it. But that’s ME.

And for some reason, these scenarios always seem a little one sided to me. Can Ashley have a dude on the side? Are polyamorous relationships actually sexist? I’m almost certain that a woman who had two boyfriends would be called a HO.

What do you think? Could you be in an open relationship? And could a woman do the same thing as Lou and get away with it?


One thought on “SisterWives: Lou Williams & His Girlfriends-The Double Standard

  1. Sounds like pandoras box to me…granted what they are doing isn’t anything new, just new here in America. All my uncles and great uncles and beyond who in live in Africa have “wives.” And this is what I’ve heard from almost all my friends who still have family in Africa. I dont have an issue with it, they are all consenting adults and how they live their lives, is their business.

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