Texas Woman Marries Herself for Her Birthday


On January 3, 2015, a woman by the name of Yasmin Eleby decided to marry herself. Yep. That’s right. On her 40th birthday, the Texas native thought it would be a good idea to vow to be with herself, love honor and obey herself…through sickness and through health…for richer or poorer…FOREVER. *slow claps*

Ahem. Where do I begin? Is this what life for some women has come to? Is being single SO bad…so devastating…that we’d have an ENTIRE wedding…invite friends and family…to a ceremony…with no groom? Yikes! It’s scary out there!

The bride had this to say via Facebook:

“I really don’t have the words to adequately describe the plethora of emotions that I’ve felt over the past few weeks, particularly on Saturday, January 3rd.”
Let me just say this: Like you, Yasmin, I don’t really have the words. I’m speechless. Which is why this post will be shorter than normal. I just have so many questions, and I can’t properly articulate them at present.
I’m trying to get a firm grasp on why…the hell did her friends and family let her do this? Why did they not call her on her sh*t? I’m sorry. I’m all for loving yourself, and being an independent woman, but some things are just…silly…and embarrassing.
Yasmin, if you are looking for a man, I think this little charade just put a nail in your matrimonial coffin. Most men tend to run when they see sh*t like this. Did you ever once stop and ask yourself, “What Would Iyanla Do?” Apparently not.
Well, OK girl. I hope you live happily ever after. I really do. Take pics at the honeymoon!

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