Lockscreen: Are Locks OK When You’re In a Relationship?


When dating, there aren’t any secrets between you and your partner, right? Everybody should know everything all the time…yes or no? I’m asking because recently, I had a discussion with my girls about having a lock on your phone when you’re in a relationship. Is that OK? Should your partner have access to your phone if you DO have a lock on it? Or is that a violation of your privacy? Do you even HAVE privacy when you’re in a relationship? If your lover refuses to give you their password, does that mean they have something to hide? Talk back. Comment below!


One thought on “Lockscreen: Are Locks OK When You’re In a Relationship?

  1. I think every relationship is different and so are perspectives so answers may vary. For me, I feel like if it’s locked and I don’t know it, I would like a reasonable explanation why. My bf and I have been together for a little over a year and be shared his with me from the beginning. I’ve always had the option to go through his phone but have nevere felt the need to because how comfortable be made me feel with sharing that with me. I don’t think I would take a guy serious who felt the NEED for it.

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