Kylie Jenner’s Lips Are The New Beauty Trend…Yea, NO.

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Y’all. I’m back. And I’m just a tad bit annoyed. It’s happening again. The appropriation of Black culture by White mainstream culture. Feels a little like Deja Vu. You know, first there was that whole calling Elvis Presley the creator of Rock and Roll thing, and now this. Appropriation of Black culture has always been a “thing”, but I don’t think it reeeallly started getting on my nerves until now.

I blame Miley Cyrus. The skinny little quasi-woman is twerking all over Hollywood and I’ve had enough. Let me just say this: Black folk have been twerking for YEARS and it was never glorified by mainstream media. (Not that it needs to be glorified in the first place) Then in 2013, Miley caught the twerk bug and it went viral. Suddenly, little white girls and grown ass white women all over the nation were twerking like they were workin. Suddenly, twerking was socially acceptable.

Recently, a few major publications came under fire for their…umm…stupid headlines, in which they blatantly decided to erase history.

LA Times- Cornrows Are the New Hottest Trend

Canadian Talk Show “The Social”-Big Lips Like Kylie Jenner the Newest Beauty Trend

Vogue- We’re Officially In the Era of the Big Booty

I found the Vogue article by Patricia Garcia especially amusing because the big booty trend was essentially attributed to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Girl, bye.

But the article I really LOL’d at was the one that claimed Kylie Jenner’s full lips were the “newest beauty trend.” I’m actually laughing as I type this.

Listen. My lips have been big all of my life. I’m 28. Ain’t nothin new about my lips…and I had no idea they had become a “trend.” Boy, am I out of the loop. I just find it odd that a characteristic that has been looked down upon when associated with Black women, is now suddenly the “cool” thing to have.

*Enter Iggy Azalea*

Excuse me sister. I know you’re just trying to get your money, honey, and I ain’t mad at ya. But the fact that you are from AUSTRALIA, and rap like you’re from Southwest Atlanta really gets under my skin. Where’s your accent?

What bothers me even more is the fact that Iggy Azalea will probably go home with the Grammy for best rapper of the year. Can y’all believe that?

I was looking at some articles on the internet the other day and I was slapped in the face with a step by step tutorial of a white woman making what she referred to as “80’s curls.” In fact, she had created Bantu knots, but had chosen not to call them by their name.

Look, I could go on and on…but I would probably run out of space. The point is, I’m tired of the insults. Give Black folk their credit. Don’t take our style, our physical features, our music, etc. and pretend that it was yours all along. We don’t like it. And we aren’t stupid.


11 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner’s Lips Are The New Beauty Trend…Yea, NO.

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  2. So you did big asses and lips before it was cool?

    Did nothing to make it cool

    But want credit for it.


    Like who gives a shit? I know that you, as a future single mother, may have a lot of time on your hands, but come on.

  3. You really think Black people have a monopoly on certain physical features? Have you seen an Indian women? A Latina? An Hawaiian? They also have big lips and butts, they also can have the same hair cuticles that create kinked or curly hair. Blacks are not special in that way. Get over yourselves.

  4. As a white man with natural big lips that caused me to be bullied when I was younger, fuck off.

  5. @anon I know how you feel. I am white as well and was bullied for having big lips after I moved to a different town in middle school. One teacher called me Mick (as in Jagger) instead of Mike (my name) and referred to my lips, and others mumbled black lips as an insult to me.

  6. black features have always been victim of degradation as there as always been a ‘sense’ of beauty and whilst being brown might do black was seen as a demons color blame Christianity on that aspect. but never say blacks aren’t special you ain’t black and you don’t fucking know what we are going through so try not to act so intelligent it’s sickening and fact Latinos also suffer racism so get your facts straight bitch

  7. Black people do not own big lips this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. I’m of Northern European descent and my lips are naturally as big (maybe bigger) than Kylie jenner’s fake lips. I have naturally curly hair but I am white and I also have a big butt. I was bullied mercilessly my whole elementary school career for looking different. Black people always blame everyone for stealing things from them which in my opinion makes them even more racist than the people they blame for stealing their culture. There are different names for the same hairstyles, clothing, foods, etc. just because people like to be tan doesn’t mean they want to be black, being tan just looks better. Sheesh just like seeing a black man in an interaccial relationship pisses you off saying we steal all your men, maybe if you stop twerking all over the place you will find your own. LOL

  8. Fi, I think you, like many others here have missed the point of this piece. (Your privilege is showing) No one is claiming that Black people “own” Black lips. What I am saying and have said in this piece is that when physical features on Black people are criticized and deemed unattractive when WHITE people take these features on and are PRAISED, that is a problem, and speaks to the racism and appropriation that I am bringing awareness to in the piece.

  9. I understand, but what I am saying is that they are criticized and deemed unattractive on white people too until a celebrity makes it trendy. Ps, your privilege is also showing. Have a blessed day.

  10. But Fi, this article wasn’t about white people being criticized…it was about Black people being criticized. That was the topic at hand. I’m sorry if you’re offended by that. Thanks for reading!

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