Kids! How many of us have them?



I was sitting around on Twitter the other day, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, and social issues…and let’s be real, being a bit messy too. LOL Somehow the topic of conversation amongst “Black Twitter” turned to dating people with children. After reading a few posts on the topic, I realized…most of the men I’ve dated seriously have all had kids! One even had a kid while we were together. *Sad face*

What was up with that? I started to wonder…did everybody have kids, or was I a man with kids magnet?

I mean, let me start by saying that I’m kidless. No kids for me. I am kid FREE. I don’t want kids for another two years or so, and won’t be having any before then. Why? Because I like order. LOL I can’t afford children right now, I’m growing my brand, and I don’t want to burden my dear mother with an infant.

Anyway, naturally, I decided to put my two cents in on the Twitter convo. I tweeted: “I think just about every man I ever dated has had a kid.”

I quickly got responses from several women who seemed to be shocked that I’d even consider dating a man with kids. “Oh NO NO NO girl!” one woman replied.

Hmmmm…had I been doing this all wrong? Was there something I didn’t know?

Should people who don’t have kids seek people who don’t have kids? Is that even realistic?

Is it fair?

A few years ago, I met a guy at a bar. He was FINE. Tall, chocolate, and rode a motorcycle. Straight out of a Tyler Perry movie, chile. A few days later, we finally had our first telephone conversation, and he dropped the bomb on me: He had 5 kids! FIVE. More kids than Mike Brady.

Needless to say, the rest of his phone calls went unanswered. Childish, I know. Sue me.

My question is, when dating, are you careful to avoid men or women with children? Why or why not? And how many is too many?