Hands Off. Hand Me the Money.



I just want the money. I know that sounds HORRIBLE, but let me explain. As a female entrepreneur, I’ve had my share of run-in’s with slime ball men. And to be frank, I’m kinda over it.

On my long and (sometimes painful) journey to becoming a businesswoman, much too often, I’ve not been taken seriously when it comes to my work because, well…I’m a woman. Here’s the thing: No, I don’t want to go to dinner with you. No, I won’t go on vacation with you, and NO I won’t have sex with you in exchange for whatever it is that you claim you can do for me.

How disrespectful can you BE? Don’t text or call me past 8pm, don’t text me and ask me where I’m watching the game, and just…DON’T. I am really so very tired of entering into “business relationships” to do business, and being disappointed when I start receiving winks via text, and promises about how much better you can treat me than my man. NO.

This just speaks to the major problem that still exists in the work force. Not only does inequality exist for people of color, but for women as well. I am qualified. I do work. And my resume speaks for itself. I shouldn’t have to deal with raunchy remarks and uncomfortable stares.

Even before I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I faced harassment on almost every job I worked on. Men, who felt like they could say whatever they wanted to me simply because they felt like it. It’s not OK. My philosophy is very simple, and it’s worked for me this far: Hands off. Hand me the money.