Get Up Off Your Knees Girl!

woman proposal

Love is a funny thing. One day you’re dating, watching movies, nervously holding hands, sharing funny stories, and then suddenly, BOOM-you’re in love. It’s kinda like a rollercoaster. You feel all discombobulated, and a little out of breath. It’s all so exhilarating, and well…scary. The tricky part about love is you never know when it’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, or who it’s going to happen with. All you can be sure of, is it WILL happen one day, when the time is right. But who gets to decide what’s “right?”

Gender roles, as contentious as they may be, are often discussed, whether it be on television, on the radio, or via social media. But in 2015, with so many independent women, and so many pushing for gender equality are gender roles still relevant? Does it matter who does what in a relationship, as long as it’s getting done?
Just the other day, I came across a picture on social media. I must admit, upon first glance, I was a bit taken aback. Pictured, was a young Black woman with thick, curly hair, down on one knee, looking up at a Black man, standing, dreadlocks in a bun. Smiling. They both appeared to be very…happy. She was proposing. I thought to myself, “Is this what we’re doing in 2015?” Needless to say, “Yes.” This WAS what we were doing. Well I wasn’t, but you get the point.
So I wondered, what would possess a woman to propose to a man? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no stickler for tradition. I believe in being progressive, and changing with the times. However, some traditions I do believe, are in place for a reason. I’m more of a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of girl.
Here’s the thing, men and women think differently. I think that’s common knowledge. Men, for the most part, act based on logic, and women, well…not so much. You see, women act out of emotion. And let me tell you, the results are sometimes (well…often) tragic.
So I’m here to give my two cents on one of the newest trends in society: Women proposing to men. First off, let me say, “No ma’am!” Listen, I believe people should do what makes them happy. But let’s be clear, what makes you happy isn’t necessarily always the best thing for you. Here’s the bottom line: If a man wants to marry you, HE will ASK. Period. We spend our relationships wondering how our men feel about us. We spend day after day, cooking, washing clothes, laughing at jokes that ain’t funny, and having sex like porn stars. Yet and still wondering how our man REALLY feels about us. Why? Because men are tricky. They’re weird like that. By “weird” I mean, they will say how they feel when they’re good and goddarn ready.
Men are predators. Hunters. They come, they see, they conquer…or they don’t. Simple as that. I just have to ask; after dating a man for several months, years, what have you, and he hasn’t proposed, do you think he’s waiting for YOU to propose? Well, I can tell you for sure, NOPE, he’s absolutely not. He is absolutely NOT waiting for you to propose to him, ESPECIALLY down on one knee. Most men I’ve talked to say that a woman getting down on one knee is equivalent to getting their balls chopped off.
So I’m left with an unanswered question: Are we so eager, and the pool of men so very shallow, that we are willing to jump in head first without fear of being hurt?

I don’t know one way or the other, but my recommendation is this: Get up off your knees girl!