Final Thought Friday: Everybody Can’t Be the Expert

Good Morning and Happy Friday from the desk of KarmaJonez! Always remember: “The expert at anything, was once a beginner.”
Carmen color
A lot of people will try and make you doubt yourself. YOU will doubt yourself. But listen, bay-BAY: Wherever you worked your BUTT off to BE, you belong there. And don’t let ANYBODY tell you different.

In life, we all have dreams. Sometimes, when we end up face to face with them, we’re like, “Oh sh*t! Just kidding God! Thanks, but no thanks!”

Whatever you do, don’t run from your dreams. Run towards them. Who cares if you f*ck up a couple of times? Don’t let these social media posts fool you! People are out here MESSING UP. They just aren’t posting it! (Including myself) You are good enough. Tell your naysayers to kiss your a** & watch you work! And because it’s Aaliyah’s birthday, and anyone who knows me knows I am an Aaliyah STAN…I’m gonna end on this quote. “Just brush yourself off and try again.”

Y’all be cool.